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Maria del Mar Bonet
50 Years of Music


50 Years of Music

Everyone who knows me knows that, since I was very young, I wanted to be a potter. The fact that I began to sing professionally occurred by means of a series of coincidental and informal events. At the hand of my brother Joan Ramon and the Setze Jutges I began to make small interventions. In the summer of 1965 I performed in a concert of the Setze Jutges in the Hotel Jaume I in Palma and later, at the insistence of the president of Joventuts Musicals of Mallorca, Pau Valls, in the same hotel singing solo.

I think it was a slow contagious process. The joy of the Setze Jutges, their songs, their total commitment to the language and the country, made that love for music gradually grow inside me. They took the trouble to make me believe that I could be a singer.

Despite my continuing to think about my first vocation, I went to Barcelona to study in the Massana School, and one day, in the Ovella Negra, I became another member of the judges. I remember the impulse, as a singer and master of ceremonies, of Josep Maria Espinàs and the love and friendship of Lluís Serrahima and Remei Margarit letting me stay in their home for a period: a house full of creatures and songs. There could not have been a better start in Barcelona for me than that house which was also the meeting place for all the Cançó movement.

In the district of Horta, shortly after, I found my first job in the ceramics studio of Jordi Aguadé and there, in Venècia Street, my first home. They were years of youth and a city that was on the path to the end of the dictatorship and for freedom. The friends and experiences of that first period made me recognise my vocation, which was none other than music. And Barcelona also made me understood how important

Mallorca was for me; growing up around a family that gave such importance to the artistic and creative act, the learning of traditional music, the song book, and our half-caste sea influencing all our music.

This year, 2017, we celebrate my 50 years dedicated to music and we want to do it full of nostalgia. Because they have flown by, because I have lived them intensely doing what I like best and because I feel that it is a celebration full of joy with the issuing of a new album that I have been preparing for quite some time.

I would like to say to you that it would have been impossible to get this far without the teachers, musicians, representatives and professionals from the showbiz world, record companies, sound and stage technicians, critics, journalists… I would like to also pay homage to the poets and say that poetry has given me a marvellous space of lyrical expression. And to be deeply grateful for the creative time–and pleasure– accompanied by generous friends and musicians, magnificent artists who help me and accompany me to very often touch the sky.

Finally to thank the public, without which none of this would have any meaning.


Thanks to those who listen to

My voice as a friend

I sing in your name

your voice is mine.


Maria del Mar Bonet

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