Maria del Mar Bonet,five decades of magic, by Miquel-Lluís Muntané, Revista Serra d’Or, núm. 695, nov. 2017

For many, it is the most important female voice that has given the Catalan song.

Produced in its first stage by the mythical group Els Setze Jutges, it has interpreted

with equal success the cultured poetry and the popular one, and has immortalized in ours

language classic themes of the French song (“The Black Eagle”) and American

(«Jim»), within a ductile musical universe, but always coherent. Maria del Mar

Bonet (Palma, 1947) has been recognized, at home and abroad, as an artist with great talent and sensibility,

which has earned him, among other awards, the Creu de Sant Jordi (1984), the National Prize

of Music (1992), the Ramon Llull Prize (1999), the Luigi Tenco Prize (2003), the Gold Medal of the

Ciutat de Barcelona (2006), the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2010) and the International Prize

Cubadisco (2011).

The present year 2017, in the celebration of fifty years of musical career, has published the

Overseas disc and has appeared in bookstores Intensely, a complete and careful work, of which it is

author, journalist Jordi Bianciotto, who thoroughly checked the artist’s career.

I speak with Maria del Mar Bonet a warm spring lunch, between the polychrome walls of the

Tradicionàcius gracienc, this space that, under the guidance of master Jordi Fàbregas, has hosted

so many memorable evenings of our best artists of popular music. I appear relaxed,

in a good mood, happy for so many good things as he has lived through these fifty years

which, he says, “have been flying”, but, at the same time, with the constant push to move forward

new projects and new commitments. And with his voice warm, with slight inflections of the Mallorcan speaker

-This voice that has fallen in love with so many audiences around the world-explains it to readers

of «Serra d’Or».

by Miquel-Lluís Muntané, Revista Serra d’Or, núm 695, Novembre 2017