Breviari d’amor

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Breviari d'amor
Ariola, 1982

In 1982 the record Breviari d’Amor appeared, about songs of troubadours from Provence with textual adaptation by Toni Moreno. Jordi Sabatés composed the music, with the aim of approaching and popularising medieval songs in the current period. Toni Moreno himself had presented them in 1978 in the Sala Zeleste in Barcelona, and thought that Maria del Mar Bonet would be the ideal singer to record them on an album made between September and October 1982 in the Estudi Gema 2 in Barcelona, with artistic assessment by Lautaro Rosas and design and photography by Toni Catany. The musician chosen moved away from early music and evoked the romantic style music more recognised by the contemporary public.

The series of recitals that she gave in the Plaça del Rei that summer of 1982 would be about these songs from the Breviari d’Amor record. Within the setting of the Festival Grec in Barcelona that summer, she took part as a guest in one of the concerts given by the Musical Youth of Tunisia, led by Fethi Zghonda, in the Teatre Grec.

Photographs by Toni Catany

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