Luck had it that we met Borja in Sueca in 2013. He accompanied me on the guitar in a recital. I didn’t know him and immediately discovered a person with a beautiful voice, a magnificent guitarist, an artist with a great deal of creativity.
Since then until the present we have continued experiencing how our feeling on stage grows and have put together a repertoire of songs we love and which have been very well received by an involved and enthusiastic public. Over the last two years we have often commented with increasing conviction: we have to record this show on a disc.
At the beginning of 2020 the idea came up of performing some recitals in the Teatre Micalet in Valencia. And entering spring coronavirus appeared violently and, despite the comings and goings of the pandemic, with all the uncertainty involved of being able to perform the recitals, and of the so very negative possibilities of going back to possible home and regional lockdowns, etc. we were finally able to have the dates to be able to sing in the Teatre Micalet in Valencia on successive days. And little by little, the idea also grew of recording an album live in that theatre.
This event would be of great importance to me, because I had sung a lot there. The first recital was in 1979 and later I was also given an award in 2011. And going a little further; I should say that since I began to walk the boards, from the lands of Valencia they have never stopped asking me to go there and sing.
This land always makes me feel at home whenever I go there. So this album is wholeheartedly dedicated to it.
I am extremely grateful to the Teatre Micalet that has kept alive the proposal to sing there in such serious times of epidemic we are going through. The Micalet has given us and the public that has come every day the opportunity to show that CULTURE IS SAFE.
I would like to speak to you of Antonio Sánchez, who has contributed with his percussion and above all magic accompanying the songs and recitals that form part of this repertoire. He has been beside me in many recitals and albums. He is a pleasant and indispensable companion, a great musician with an exquisite sensitivity.
Now and then, Yanire, Borja’s partner, and Sam, their little girl, came and watched the rehearsals, in the Micalet, in the studio… So that was when joy and spring entered with their blue eyes. Thank you!
On this album Borja, Antonio and I have given a lot of madness and passion.
We hope you like it!